Diamond Tip Needle-Turntable Replacement Vinyl Record Player Ruby Gramophone Stylus Piezoelectric Ceramic Replaceable Accessories Universal Record Player Needle


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  • Protect your Needle Player Record: can make your music sound clearer, will not hurt your record easily.
  • Suitable for most phonograph such as Crosley, Ion, Numark, Bush, Sanyo, Fisher, Pyle, Philips, Gemini.To bring you perfect tone quality.
  • The new generation of engineering design diamond golden ratio sound quality is more comfortable.
  • easy to Install: The design of the Record Player needle is simple and sturdy, so you do n’t need any tools, it only takes a few minutes to complete the installation manually.
  • High Quality: Our record player stylus needle is made of high quality Abs plastic and aluminum arms with red diamond tips. High-quality replacement turntable needles are made in China, and the craftsmanship is superb, which makes the sound quality better and can also extend the life of the record.

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This high quality sapphire tipped stylus needle was specifically designed to be compatible with the Turntable with Speakers.

It’s compatible with 33, 55 and 78rpm vinyl records and provides a superb sound reproduction.

Technical specifications:
Red ceramic pick
Aluminum arm
Needle pressure: 5g (4-6g)
Output voltage: (at 1K Hz = 3.54cm / sec) = 250 mV
Channel distortion: (at 1k Hz) = 3 dB
Channel interval:
(At 1k Hz) = 15 dB
Frequency response: 80-10000 Hz (± 7dB)
Size: 0.75 “x0.4” x0.10 “
Weight: 0.01 pounds

Replacement Tur’ntable Stylus:
Removing the Stylus from the Cartridge
1. Place a screwdriver at the tip of the stylus and push downward as shown in direction “A”.
2. Remove the stylus by pulling the stylus forward and pushing downward.
Installing the Stylus
1. Hold the tip of the stylus and insert the stylus bypressing as shown in direction “B”.
2. Push the stylus upward as in direction “C” until the stylus locks into the tip position.
Work with the following Record Player:

Crosley CR24003A, CR2402C, CR2413A, CR245, CR246, CR249, CR6001A, CR6004A,CR6249A;

Ion LPDock, LP2CD, LP2Flash, IProfile, Profile Flash, Profile Pro, ITTUSB05, ITTUSB, ITTUSB10,

ITTCD10; Numark Groovetool RS, GTRS, TTUSB, TT1600, TT1610, TT1650

BUSH M1, MP370CD, MT1, MTT1, MTT2; Sanyo ST09D, Otto STW17J,

Otto STW40J, Otto DCX702, Otto DCX22, Otto DCX1000, Otto DCX1050;

Fisher ST09D, Fisher STW17J, Fisher STW40J, MT223A, MT228, MT229

MT851, MT854, MT855A; PSLX150, PSLX150H, PSJ10, PSJ11, PSJ20,



Philips F1395, FP320; Gemini CN1000, XL100, XL300, XL500,


Package includes:

1X Turntable Needles

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